List of Manuscripts. Cf. list of the RISM sigla for the libraries. Marked in italics are manuscripts which at some point were included in the corpus but are now disputed in their attribution to Medingen.
Sigle,Shelfmark,Genre,by/for,Language,Mscensus nr.,Online

A,D-Au: Codex 220/14,Prayer book: Christmas (fragments cf St),,German,16468,DFG viewer

BE1,D-B: Ms. theol. Lat. oct. 189,Psalter,,Latin,16056,

BE2,D-B: Ms. germ. oct. 48,Prayer book: Easter,,German,8768,DFG viewer

BE3,D-B: Ms. germ. oct. 265,Prayer book: Christmas – Easter – Whitsun – Maria – Mathias,by lay-sister,German,9232,

BE4,D-B: Ms. lat. oct. 270,Prayer book: Easter – Whitsun to Assumption,,Latin,24217,

BR,D-BMs: Ms. c 0066,Prayer book: Passion,,German,2508,

CA1,GB-Cu: Add. 4080,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,1904,

CA2,GB-Cu: Add. 8850,Ordinarius,,Latin with German,19948,

CA3,GB-Cgc:Ms. 769/822 ,Psalter,,Latin,-,

GO,D-EFu: Ms. Memb. II. 84,Prayer book: Christmas – Easter,for Anna Töbing née Elebeke,German,16262,DFG viewer

GT1,D-Gs: 4° Cod. Ms. Theol. 242,Prayer book: Christmas,,German,16104,online GDZ

GT2,D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. Theol. 243,Primer,,German,3826,online GDZ

GT3,D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. theol. 204,Life of St Jerome – Klosterspiegel,,German,16000,online GDZ

GT4,D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. theol. 217 Cim.,Psalter,,Latin,,online GDZ

HH1,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 151b,Prayer book: Easter, for Beate Witick,German,3314,DFG viewer

HH2,D-Hs: Ms. theol. 2199,Prayer book: Easter, for lay-sister A.C.,German,3494,DFG viewer

HH3,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 206,Prayer book: saints Matthias – John Baptista – Bernard – Maurice – Holy Cross, by Tiburg Elebeke,Latin,16263,DFG viewer

HH4,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 207,Prayer book: saints – James the Greater – Maurice, by Mechthild of Dassel,Latin, 16264,

HH5,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 208,Prayer book: saints – Thomas – John Evangelista,,Latin,16265,DFG viewer

HH6,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 209,Prayer book: saints – Bartholomäus – Mauritius, by Elizabeth Elebeke,Latin,16267,DFG viewer

HH7,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 210,Prayer book: saints,by M,Latin,16266,DFG viewer

HH8,D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 149,Psalter,,Latin,16220,DFG viewer

HH9,D-Hs: Fragm. germ. 4,Prayer book: Christmas,,German,21327,

HHL1,US-CAh: MS Lat 395,Prayer book: Marian Feasts,,Latin with German,16270,PDS viewer

HHL2,US-CAh: MS Lat 440,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,4977,PDS viewer

HI1,D-HIb: Ms. J 29 ,Prayer book: Easter, by Winheid (of Winsen) 1478,Latin with German,16271,hab.bodleian

HI2,D-HIb: Ms. J 27,Psalter, by Elizabeth of Winsen 1478,Latin,16272,hab.bodleian

HI3,D-HIs: Best. 52 Nr. 379,Prayer book: Easter, by Mechthild,Latin with German, 16469,

HI4,D-HIs: Best. 52 Nr. 376 ,Prayer book: Passion – saints,,Latin with German,16268,

HI5,D-HIs:: Best. 52 Nr. 383,Prayer book: Easter – Whitsun,,Latin with German, 4977,

HV1,D-HVl: Ms. I 75,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin, 8256,DFG-viewer

HV2,D-HVl: Ms. I 74,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German, 13274,DFG-viewer

HV3,D-HVl: Ms. I 78,Prayer book: Quadragesima,by Catharina Havemeister (lay-sister),German,13277,DFG-viewer

HV4,D-HVl: Ms. I 96,Psalter,,Latin,16261,DFG-viewer

JG,Auction House Jörn Günther,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,26471,

K1,DK-Kk: Ms GKS 3451-8°,Prayer book: Christmas,,Latin with German,16061,

K2,DK-Kk: Ms Thott 120-8°,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin,16060,

K3,DK-Kk: Ms Thott 130-8°,Prayer book: Christmas und Easter,,German,15985,

K4,DK-Kk: Ms GKS 3452-8°,Prayer book: Easter,by Cecilia de Monte 1408,Latin with German,,

GE,USA-Gethsemani Abbey (was KAL: Obrecht Collection MS 23),Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,-,Luna viewer

L1,D-Lr: Ms th. 4° 74,Prayer book: saints,by Margarete Buringer,Latin,16118,

L2,D-Lr: Ms th. 4° 73, Prayer book: saints,,Latin with German,16260,

LO1,GB-Lghl: Ms. 1366,Prayer book: Whitsun – Corpus Christi,,Latin with German,16476,

LO2,GB-Lv: MSL/1886/2629,Prayer book: Bartholomew – John Baptista,by Barbara Vischkule,Latin, 16259,

LO3,GB-Lbl: MSL/1886/2629,Speculum humanae salvationis,,Latin,,

LO4,GB-Lv: MSL/1902/1681,Prayer book: Peter and Paul,,Latin,-,

M,D-MÜsa: Ms 301 des Alterthums Verein,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin,16269,

O1,GB-Ob: MS. Lat. liturg. f. 4,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,8287,digital.bodleian

O2,GB-Ob: MS. Lat. liturg. e. 18,Ordinarius,,Latin with German,16258,digital.bodleian

O3,GB-Okc: Ms. Nr. 18,Prayer book: saints,by Mechthild Elebeke,Latin,16257,

O4,GB-Ob: MS. Don. e. 248,Psalter,by Margarete Hopes,Latin,25872,digital.bodleian

St,D-SSa: Dibbelt HS 1004: 35-37,Prayer book: Christmas (fragments cf A early 15c),,German,manumed,

T1,D-TRb: Ms. I 528,Prayer book: Easter,for lay-woman E.F.,German,16255,DFG viewer

T2,D-TRb: Ms. I 529,Prayer book: Christmas and Easter,,German,16256,DFG viewer

W1,D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Helmst. 1297,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,16219,hab.bodleian

W2,D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Extrav. 300-1,Prayer book: Christmas – Whitsun –  Maurice, by lay-sister,German,13332,hab.bodleian

W3,D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Helmst. 1082,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,2714,hab

W4,D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Helmst. 1420,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin,,

W5,D-W: Cod. Guelf. 81.2 Aug 8°,Treatises,,Latin,,hab.bodleian

W6,D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Helmst. 1422,Prayer book: Easter,,Latin with German,,

WI,US-WI: Mss 008,Psalter,,Latin,,Chapin Library viewer

WE,D-WRz: Fol 35,Psalter,,Latin with German,,Goobi viewer

Y,US-NHub: MS 1194,Psalter (fragment),,Latin,,Beinecke viewer,[/table]