Sortable List of Manuscripts. Cf. list of the RISM sigla for the libraries

Sigle Shelfmark Genre by/for Language Mscensus nr. Online
A D-Au: Codex 220/14 Prayer book: Christmas (fragments cf St) German 16468 DFG viewer
BE1 D-B: Ms. theol. Lat. oct. 189 Psalter Latin 16056
BE2 D-B: Ms. germ. oct. 48 Prayer book: Easter German 8768 DFG viewer
BE3 D-B: Ms. germ. oct. 265 Prayer book: Christmas – Easter – Whitsun – Maria – Mathias by lay-sister German 9232
BE4 D-B: Ms. lat. oct. 270 Prayer book: Easter – Whitsun to Assumption Latin 24217
BR D-BMs: Ms. c 0066 Prayer book: Passion German 2508
CA2 GB-Cu: Add. 8850 Ordinarius Latin with German 19948
CA3 GB-Cgc:Ms. 769/822 Psalter Latin -
GO D-EFu: Ms. Memb. II. 84 Prayer book: Christmas – Easter for Anna Töbing née Elebeke German 16262 DFG viewer
GT1 D-Gs: 4° Cod. Ms. Theol. 242 Prayer book: Christmas German 16104 online GDZ
GT2 D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. Theol. 243 Primer German 3826 online GDZ
GT3 D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. theol. 204 Life of St Jerome – Klosterspiegel German 16000 online GDZ
GT4 D-Gs: 8° Cod. Ms. theol. 217 Cim. Psalter Latin online GDZ
Hartung private ownership Prayer book: Easter Latin with German 26471
HH1 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 151b Prayer book: Easter for Beate Witick German 3314 DFG viewer
HH2 D-Hs: Ms. theol. 2199 Prayer book: Easter for lay-sister A.C. German 3494 DFG viewer
HH3 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 206 Prayer book: saints Matthias – John Baptista – Bernard – Maurice – Holy Cross by Tiburg Elebeke Latin 16263 DFG viewer
HH4 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 207 Prayer book: saints – James the Greater – Maurice by Mechthild of Dassel Latin 16264
HH5 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 208 Prayer book: saints – Thomas – John Evangelista Latin 16265 DFG viewer
HH6 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 209 Prayer book: saints – Bartholomäus – Mauritius by Elizabeth Elebeke Latin 16267 DFG viewer
HH7 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 210 Prayer book: saints by M Latin 16266 DFG viewer
HH8 D-Hs: Ms. in scrin. 149 Psalter Latin 16220 DFG viewer
HH9 D-Hs: Fragm. germ. 4 Prayer book: Christmas Latin 21327
HHL1 US-CAh: MS Lat 395 Prayer book: Marian Feasts Latin with German 16270 PDS viewer
HHL2 US-CAh: MS Lat 440 Prayer book: Easter Latin with German 4977 PDS viewer
HI1 D-HIb: Ms. J 29 Prayer book: Easter by Winheid (of Winsen) 1478 Latin with German 16271 hab.bodleian
HI2 D-HIb: Ms. J 27 Psalter by Elizabeth of Winsen 1478 Latin 16272 hab.bodleian
HI3 D-HIs: Best. 52 Nr. 379 Prayer book: Easter by Mechthild Latin with German 16469
HI4 D-HIs: Best. 52 Nr. 376 Prayer book: Passion – saints Latin with German 16268
HI5 D-HIs:: Best. 52 Nr. 383 Prayer book: Easter – Whitsun Latin with German 4977
HV1 D-HVl: Ms. I 75 Prayer book: Easter Latin 8256 DFG-viewer
HV2 D-HVl: Ms. I 74 Prayer book: Easter Latin with German 13274 DFG-viewer
HV3 D-HVl: Ms. I 78 Prayer book: Quadragesima by Catharina Havemeister (lay-sister) German 13277 DFG-viewer
HV4 D-HVl: Ms. I 96 Psalter Latin 16261
K1 DK-Kk: Ms GKS 3451-8° Prayer book: Christmas Latin with German 16061
K2 DK-Kk: Ms Thott 120-8° Prayer book: Easter Latin 16060
K3 DK-Kk: Ms Thott 130-8° Prayer book: Christmas und Easter German 15985
K4 DK-Kk: Ms GKS 3452-8° Prayer book: Easter by Cecilia de Monte 1408 Latin with German
GE USA-Gethsemani Abbey (was KAL: Obrecht Collection MS 23) Prayer book: Easter Latin with German - Luna viewer
L1 D-Lr: Ms th. 4° 74 Prayer book: saints by Margarete Buringer Latin 16118
L2 D-Lr: Ms th. 4° 73 Prayer book: saints Latin with German 16260
LO1 GB-Lghl: Ms. 1366 Prayer book: Whitsun – Corpus Christi Latin with German 16476
LO2 GB-Lv: MSL/1886/2629 Prayer book: Bartholomew – John Baptista by Barbara Vischkule Latin 16259
LO3 GB-Lbl: MSL/1886/2629 Speculum humanae salvationis Latin
LO4 GB-Lv: MSL/1902/1681 Prayer book: Peter and Paul Latin -
M D-MÜsa: Ms 301 des Alterthums Verein Prayer book: Easter Latin 16269
O1 GB-Ob: MS. Lat. liturg. f. 4 Prayer book: Easter Latin with German 8287 digital.bodleian
O2 GB-Ob: MS. Lat. liturg. e. 18 Ordinarius Latin with German 16258 digital.bodleian
O3 GB-Okc: Ms. Nr. 18 Prayer book: saints by Mechthild Elebeke Latin 16257
O4 GB-Ob: MS. Don. e. 248 Psalter by Margarete Hopes Latin digital.bodleian
St D-SSa: Dibbelt HS 1004: 35-37 Prayer book: Christmas (fragments cf A early 15c) German manumed
T1 D-TRb: Ms. I 528 Prayer book: Easter for lay-woman E.F. German 16255 DFG viewer
T2 D-TRb: Ms. I 529 Prayer book: Christmas and Easter German 16256 DFG viewer
W2 D-W: Cod. Guelf. Ms. Extrav. 300-1 Prayer book: Christmas – Whitsun –  Maurice by lay-sister German 13332 hab.bodleian
W5 D-W: Cod. Guelf. 81.2 Aug 8° Treatises Latin hab.bodleian
WI US-WI: Mss 008 Psalter Latin
WE D-WRz: Fol 35 Psalter Latin with German Goobi viewer
Y US-NHub: MS 1194 Psalter (fragment) Latin Beinecke viewer