As part of the Oxford International Song Festival’s 2023 strand ‘Artistic Manuscripts’, liturgical music from the Medingen manuscripts in the Bodleian Library was featured at St Edmund Hall on 19 October 2023. The event was named Goostly Psalmes since it was staged as a double-act with The Queen’s College. Here are some resources to follow the story of the Medingen manuscripts in pictures

What to expect Stand in the extraordinary medieval crypt at St Edmund Hall, and hear music from 15th century illuminated manuscripts from the Bodleian Library, with facsimiles on display.

Hear, see and explore the stunning Goostly psalmes and spirituall songes by Miles Coverdale (1488-1568), a treasure of The Queen’s College, in the College Chapel. An unmissable step back in time as we highlight musical manuscripts as artworks.

Click here to learn more about singing from Medieval Sources in the Bodleian Library. Click here to see a digital edition of the ‘Goostly psalmes and spirituall songes’.

Singing from Medingen Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library
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