Opening lecture for the “FrauenORT Niedersachsen 33” (blue plaque scheme for the German State Lower Saxony) at the Abbey of Mariensee in honour of Abbess Odilia of Ahlden. Odilia was Abbess of the Cistercian convent in the early 16th century and left a richly illuminated book of prayers for the use of the nuns. The lecture explores her legacy in a time of change and Reformation – and why this is still relevant for the community living there and for the Friends of the Abbey. Delivered Easter Monday 2017 on the invitation of Abbess Bärbel Görcke and the Friends of Mariensee Abbey

Einführungsvortrag für den FrauenORT 33 zu Odilie von Ahlden, Äbtissin des Klosters Mariensee, und zu ihrer 1522 fertiggestellte Handschrift. Gehalten am Ostermontag 2017 von Henrike Lähnemann auf Einladung von Äbtissin Bärbel Görcke und dem Freundeskreis Kloster Mariensee. Weitere Informationen unter: FrauenORT Odilie von Ahlden

Frauenort Mariensee
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