Reblogging from a post for the “enclosure” group, an initiative by Stacie Vos that brings together artists interested in the experience of medieval enclosure and its relevance for the current situation.

Stacie Vos wrote on 22 June 2020: “Today we had a wonderful visit from Henrike Lähnemann, Chair of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics at Oxford. 

She delivered a talk entitled “The Art of Enclosure.” Here she explores the iconography of the Wichmannsburg Antependium produced by the nuns of the Cistercian Abbey of Medingen and links it to the devotional literature written there in the 15th and 16th centuries. 

View the full presentation here. If you are interested in the question and answer portion of the discussion, contact me (email Dr Stacie Vos) for more information. “

Detail from the Wichmannsburg Antependium, source: Henrike Lähnemann (2005) ‘An dessen bom wil ik stighen.’ Die Ikonographie des Wichmannsburger Antependiumsim Kontext der Medinger Handschriften, Oxford German Studies, 34:1, 19-46, DOI: 10.1179/007871905×50251
The Art of Enclosure
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